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Jon Leighton 

Owner . Resident Tattoo Artist 

I Grew up in Southern California where I spent my younger years as Traveling Welder where I learned the value of working hard for want you want in life. I finally fall into my Passion as a Tattoo Artist in 2010 and been pushing my self as an artist ever since. I've always had a incredible passion for tattoo art and culture since I was young but never thought id be where I am today and for that i am extremely grateful. I've had humbling honor of being published  in some of the industry's top Magazines, Social media pages and publications. I am extremely lucky to have such a diverse clientele from Musicians, Comic book artists, video game developers , firemen , business owners, Athletes which keep my day to day extremely exciting. I'm a huge Pop culture nerd which means I do a lot of Pop Culture tattoos but I do love doing other stuff in my style such as Floral, Animals and Bugs , Fruit , anything bright and bold that I can put my own unique spin on things. 

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